laura (cinnamona666) wrote in nursing_illness,

nursing school horror story x posted.. i hope this doesnt scare you guys =(

you not doing well now.. im sorry this community has been quiet lately.. but ill never let it die.

i dont know if all nursing professors and nursing schools are similar.. but with the shortage of nurses around and even recruiting from other countries.. it seems like all my bsn nursing school wants to do is throw me out =(.

my first semester, i confided in my professor about mental health issues i was struggling with hoping for support.. she then treated me more harshly than any other student (even other students noticed) and tried to get me to drop out many times.. (i passed with a 3.5)

I began second semester so much more healthy in all respects.. and was on fire.. i did so awesomely on my labor and delivery clinical and i truly thought that things were looking up for me.. and for the first time, i felt like i truly belonged in nursing school..

nov 3, i fell off my bike and broke my arm right before my medical surgical clinical. I was lucky that the break was so minor that i had most use of the arm and was not in pain. I got x-rays done and I had a nurse practicioner and a othopedic doctor write me a note that i should have no problem performing in clinical, but i should not bear weight with my left arm.. we are talking no cast.. not even a sling. but my professor would not budge.. and trust me, i appealed.. in the end.. i hate 3 medical professionals willing to call and personally talk to my professor saying that i should complete the clinical and just have supervision for client positioning and client ambulation.

i have gotten nothing but As in this course.. and they wont even allow me to finish up the theory portion of the course.. they forced me to withdraw and i cannot take the final.. this means that i must retake this class next semester and graduate with the class behind mine. meaning i lose a whole fucking semester!!!! they just would not bend at all!!!!!!

im just wondering if anyone has had any similar experiences.. at first i was so disillusioned, i considered finishing up my physiology degree and applying to med school!!!! I am a type A personality and my current lack of direction, job, responsibility, and achieving is breaking me. Im currently trying my best not to relapse into all my past destuctive behavior, but it is so difficult. It makes me wonder if they will ever 'allow' me to graduate.. i mean life happens.. shit happens.. the world doesnt work in a no compromises manner.

i just feel so fucked over by my nursing school.. as if they are out to get me or trying to get rid of me =(. all i want to do is graduate and be an amazing nurse =(.

ps. i bawled and endured a panic attack in front of my professor and the head of student affairs.. do any of you think they will look down on this display of instability and try and fail me each semester???

thank you all so much for listening. ive been venting and bitching like there is no tomorrow.. and its actually been helping.

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