nephron (nephron) wrote in nursing_illness,


Feeling so tired today, so drained.

I've been struggling through for the last couple of months- switching from lithium to valproate has been hard, as has been weaning off my olanzapine. I finally finished my olanzapine yesterday and didn't take any Tues night, and I was managing kinda OK until my groupmate for uni called me 4 times and emailed the entire group claiming that I haven't bothered to do any work.

Why does it seem like as soon as you are struggling to manage again life comes to kick you? I can't even look at that assignment now without having panic attacks.

I saw my psych today and I'm trying some quetiapine for the anxiety and to regulate my moods while this blows over (stopped olanzapine because I was really struggling to lose weight on it) and hopefully that'll help sort things out. I can't wait until I've finished my degree (end of this year, if all goes well) and then all I'll need to deal with is actually being a nurse.
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