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SRNA training

Hi all... I'm Maggie, new here...

I'm getting ready to start SRNA training in a few weeks, and I am really nervous... everyone keeps telling me how much I'll hate it. They say that all nurse aides do is clean up after patients... vomit, blood, etc. I really could use some words of encouragement right now. If anyone has any positive stories, please let me know! Of course, I'd like to learn about some of the not-so-great stuff just to be prepared. Thanks!
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Hi Maggie...YOU are going to LOVE being a NA!!! I am an RN now and working on my ARNP stuff, but i worked as a CNA for three years annd absolutely loved it. I worked on a pediatric floor for a year, then on a surgical floor and then in the emergency room. I loved all the experiences that i had and they set me up for success in nursing school and as an RN. I think getting my CNA was the best decsion I made for myself! I learned a ton and loved the people i took care of and worked with. Way to go!
Thanks so much for your encouragement. :)
I'm curious, are those NAs who are telling you that you'll hate it? Washing and cleaning is a part of the job, I think you'll find out pretty fast for yourself whether it bothers you or not.

No, it's mostly my family that tells me I will hate the job so much. But then again, they aren't known for being extremely supportive.
there is one thing to be said for a nurse assistant: ULTIMATE PATIENT CONTACT!!!! is the NAs who spend the most time with the patients.. you touch..clean..feel..them.. It is an extremely important but underappreciated job. I tried my heart out to get a similar job.. but i didnt get it =( booooo..

and screw those who tell you that you will hate it!!!!!!! worst case scenario..youll quit and do something else..big deal..


oh and welcome to the community <3