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*hugs my community*

okee its been awhile since ive posted.. where did we leave off...... OH I KNOW!!! having to withdraw from my nursing clinical due to a minor broken arm.. so yeah.. i went to the first day of nursing class today with my new peers (the class originally behind my class). talk about deja vu.. OH MAN!!! so retaking this course after having completed most of it is totally weird and demeaning!!! but at least i know stuff.. yup.. the younguns..they look up to me.. lol im not old..and they just asked me a few questions.. so yeah.

but im trying so hard to make the best of my horrible going to attend the classes even tho i do not have to.. i might as well.. learn it extra well. I am also auditing a conversational spanish class, hoping to refresh my extremely rusty poor spanish skills.. oh oh and im going on a caribbean cruise with my mom, aunt, uncle, and cousins in april.. lol imagine that.. taking off an entire week right in the middle of a semester.. WTF??!! ah well.. i will try and take advantage of it

so its weird.. all the nursing students around me are all crazy stressing.. and im like the zen master or something.. although a very bitter zen master. *breath* I ran into some of my friends from my old class..and it was nice to talk to them.. i miss them and yeah.. i think i will always be pissed for not being able to graduate with them. but i think already that some classmates of my new classmates are taking to me. so many new names to learn tho.. YIKES..

i hope everyone else is doing alright.. and loving themselves =)=)

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