laura (cinnamona666) wrote in nursing_illness,

xposted new community

hell this is fricken allowed.. cuz this is my damned community.. whahahahahaha
new community for those who want to quit purging!!!!

please join and dont forget to read the rules =) i made it all happy and complex.


thank you,

no worries.. nursing illness is my first born..
i could most likely think more about nursing if i could keep my fricken head out of my toilet!!!!!
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I haven't seen you around in a long time!!! How are you doing?
hey jess,
thanks for the message =)

i saw your post in ed_recovery and commented on it =). oh man..its been hell in a handbasket!!! this nursing discouragement and setback..+free time +difficulty in finding a job has sent me spiraling.. but im finally ready to take back control of my life <3laura
I've got to say that I really admire you. You have no idea who I am, so this is probably creepy. I've seen your posts on nursing_students, then I checked out this community.

I've had an ed for 9 years or so. And I'm in nursing. So I find it makes things complicated...I feel like a hypocrit. It's great to have this community to help with that.

And way to go and congrats on fighting the terrible horrible awful ed. It's not easy and it takes so much courage to do so. So you should be proud of yourself!
aww thank you!! haha totally not creepy =P. i find myself way creepier.. sorry =P.

ED and nursing is an awful mix..isnt it??? >< but nursing keeps me well.. I will never let my ED make me too physically weak for nursing!!!! although i recently had a minor arm break most likely exacerabated by osteoporosis =(.

im 22 and i finally had my first pap smear.. and this month.. i swear i will do my first self breast exam.. im truly trying to live by my words and profession *sigh*

how are you doing with your ED and general mental health??.. nursing school/profession is so tough <3 i appreciate your comment because truly sometimes i feel like im kidding myself trying to be a good nurse will all of these issues.


During the school year I totally push myself to be healthy. I know I can't care for others when I'm too weak or whatever to care for myself. I have small relapses for a week here and there but nothing major.

During the summer though...that's another story. I'm not quite ready to give up my ed so I resort to not so good behaviours in the summer. My job is totally unrelated to nursing so I feel like I can let myself slide. Though deep down I know I'm just kidding myself if I think that this is an idea situation.

And good for you for getting your first pap! I'm 22 as well and I've never had one. Bad, I know. It's so much easier to tell people what to do than to actually do it (maybe I should be in management...)

I think by having issues you will be a better nurse. You know the struggles and reasons not to do things. So you an empathize. A good-two-shoe (for lack of a better term) won't understand those things.

Do people in your program know??

the administration in my program are quite rigid and heartless.. i have found nothing but antagonistic behavior from them especially when i did admit to struggling with mental illness.. since then, I am very careful to admit to as little as possible and show as little emotion as possible towards them. I find i just need to tough out the mentallyill prejudgiced... and get my degree in order to make a difference

i hope you are managing to be as healthy as possible and value yourself.. we are worth more than just our nursing ambitions..